Fixed implant-supported prosthesis

A fixed prosthesis is a revolutionary concept providing patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants. For patients that are missing all of their teeth on one arch or are having all of the teeth removed on one arch, this is the most ideal restorative treatment option.

The advantages of a fixed prosthesis are:

  • greater stability
  • less bulky – no palate coverage
  • improved chewing ability

What is the treatment process?

After your teeth are removed you will be given an immediate denture to wear home. The next day you come into our office and we connect your denture to the implants, remove the palate and bulky flanges. This is converted denture is called a fixed provisional prosthesis. 

Most patients wear their fixed provisional prosthesis for 4-6 months while their implants are healing. During this time our office evaluates and adjusts your fixed provisional prosthesis until you are happy – this is your blueprint for your final prosthesis. It’s important to us that you are able to clearly articulate your words, comfortably chew your food, easily clean your prosthesis, and are happy with the appearance. 

Once you have adequately healed, we make your final prosthesis over a series of appointments. It will have a titanium framework that is custom-made to fit your implants and ensure your prosthesis has the strength to withstand many years of use.

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